Friday, September 11, 2015


     This summer I took a family trip to Canada where we met up with my relatives. My mom is from Vancouver so we go every year. But this year we also took a road trip and went to Banff, Lake Louis, and Lake Okanagan. Lake Okanagan was my favorite because we got to do a lot of fun things like a ropes course, stand up paddle boarding, and my air boarding. Air boarding was my all time favorite because it was fun and challenging also because they were brand new. The air board is kind of like a hybrid of a segway and a skateboard. You stand on it and lean forwards and back to move, if you want to turn then you push one foot forward and it turns. Its almost like a segway except for it doesn't have a handle which makes it easy for you to fall off. At first its really hard but you get the hang of it within about 15 minutes. That was the coolest thing I did on vacation and I really want to do it again.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Independent Reading Novel

     For my independent reading novel I am reading Emancipated by M.G. Reyes. It is about 5 minors who become emancipated and move into a beach house in Malibu with each other. People that are emancipated are minors that are at least 14 to legally live away from their parents, and manage their own financial affairs. The book covers the stories of all 5 teens and their stories of emancipation and how they come together.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

So Large Yet So Little

Period 1

My name is Grace and live on the planet we call earth. I am just one person out

of the 318.9 million in the US, and another person out of the 7.125 billion people that

live on this planet. I feel so little in this country and even smaller in this big world. Its

hard to imagine that there are multiple other planets in our galaxy and multiple other

galaxies outside of ours. Even though we may feel like the place where we live is so

large it’s actually quite small. And we, the human race, are even smaller.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Period 1
Word Count: 1427
Technology Takeover

A couple months ago there was a devastating incident that happened with the neighbors down the street. It was a terrible tragedy. Apparently the whole family had recently invested into the latest technology. The brand new Transfixias line of computers, tv’s, and phones. They were so addicted and transfixed to their new devices that they forgot about everything else. All they did 24/7 was stare down at the digital pixels. Then one day a relative tried to call them and couldn’t get in touch. She thought that was weird since they would never put their phones down. She immediately contacted the local sheriff department. They rushed to the scene, to find nothing there but the phones, computers, and the tv’s. Not even the house, it was all gone. The technology that the family had been consuming 24/7 had finally consumed them.

Technology influences our lives in many ways. From our phones that we use on a daily basis for ordinary things, to the computers that help run the world.  Because of technology we have accomplished many things. But also technology can be very harmful to us in some ways. We are using technology too much because we are all slowly getting dumber and unhealthier because of it, it inhibits our social interaction, and when we use it we are never aware of our surroundings.1193745308oiTEkH.jpg

First of all, scientists’ have found that using technology is starting to make us all dumber. For example, when we use the internet we don’t have to rely on our brains to remember the information. In an article by TIME Magazine, the psychologist Betsy Sparrow states, “When people know they are going to be able to access the internet again, they have lower rates of recall of the information
itself and enhanced recall instead for where to access it.” Also when we read an article on a computer, we don’t process as much information as we would if we read it on paper. Not only does technology decrease our ability to keep events in our memory, it also decreases our ability to focus. After we stare at a computer screen for a long time, it is proven that we have a shorter attention span. Some doctors even think that this could lead to ADHD in some people.
If we don’t cut back on the technology, who knows how it will affect us in the future. 68% of children under 2 use a digital screen multiple times a day. Because  of this, the younger generations are being greatly affected. Studies have shown that this exposure at a young age is affecting brain development, and leading to emotional instability in some cases. Not only is it affecting the way our brain works, it is affecting the rest of our body too. Instead of being active and getting outside people just watch tv or go on their phone when they have nothing to do. Eventually all of this screen time adds up and because of it the obesity rate is going up. Even though technology can also be very beneficial, if we don’t find a way to put limits on the ways we use it and monitor ourselves, than we are all going to have jello brains someday.anony2.JPG

Another common complaint about technology that you mostly hear from our older generations is that it is preventing our ability to socially interact with other people. This is very true. If you ever observe kids hanging out, there will most likely be at least 1 or 2 of them glued to their phones. Most kids spend up to 7 ½ hours on their phones every day. There are 24 hours in a day, and take away about 8 when your sleeping and you only have 16 hours of your day left. 7 ½ hours out of 16 hours is a lot. A study was done that showed kids that went 5 days without their phone were better at understanding human emotions. This shows that long hours on a device isn’t only not good for your health, but it also is preventing kids from developing good social skills.main-qimg-71915b97dc4340599d8f4ab01f3673ca
The Pew Research Center did a study on kids 12-17 and found out that fifty-four percent said they text their friends once a day, but only 33 percent said they talk to their friends face-to-face on a daily basis. Also kids can make themselves look a lot more interesting online. In the article “Awareness in Our Technological World” by Justin Whitaker, he states, “We can make ourselves seem more impressive by Googling quotes to post as Facebook statuses or insightful captions to photos.” Phones give kids a screen to do whatever they want on, good and bad, but in most cases the person looking at the screen and typing fake profiles is completely different than what they may look like online. This is also feeding into the problem of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has become a lot more common since it’s easier to conceal your identity. Even though the internet can be used for beneficial things, it is also changing the social life of not only kids, but many people around the world.

Have you ever seen someone in the grocery store, or walking to the bus stop with headphones in there ears? Many of us don’t think much about it since most of us do it. But when you are listening to music you  are not fully aware of your surroundings.  That is another one of the problems with technology. So many people are glued to their phones like magnets that we don’t take time just to look around and take everything in. We think that our lives will be over if we don’t check our phones all the time, yet in the past when they didn’t have all this technology they did just fine surviving. We all know now that using our phones so much will lead to side effects that we don’t want, but we still use our phones.invasion%2Bof%2Bipads.jpg
When we are staring down at our phones, addicted to the pixels our brain is not fully functioning. In fact it is occupied, filled with information and not willing to take in anymore. If only we lifted our heads up and experienced the world a little more. We might be able to do something, maybe even prevent something terrible from happening. So maybe we should all start putting limits on how much we want to use technology, so one day we aren’t regretting we didn’t.

Those who disagree that technology is harmful will argue that it has helped build our society. They will say that texting, emailing, and facetiming have given us ways to interact with people thousands of miles away. It has also let us discover alternative ways to make energy, and nonrenewable resources, and even make robots. Also in schools, technology has given teachers and students a way to get way more information than a textbook will ever have. They will say that technology has changed our lives, which it has in a way. But if you look at it from my point of view you will see it a whole lot different.

Even though technology can be very beneficial, it can also be very detrimental. It may have given us ways to interact, and improve our world, some of those ways are destroying the people in our world. Even though we are creating robots that are able to do jobs that are dangerous, there are already people doing those jobs, and if the robots take over, millions of people won't have jobs. Also if they glitch and start to attack, what are we supposed to do, I mean, haven’t you seen a science fiction movie? Another reason is that the ways we use to interact are slowly disintegrating our minds, if we don’t control how we use technology and how much we use it, eventually we will be in a way different situation than we are now.

Technology is the most amazing thing that our society has created, but its decreasing our health, limiting our social interaction, and lessening our awareness. It is also affecting the brains of our younger generations. What will happen if the knowledge in our brains decrease? I guess we will all be walking around like cavemen again. So now that you know how detrimental the modern day technology is to our health, I hope that you try to limit how much you use it. Maybe if we try to fix this, we can make our society and world last a little longer.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Bigger Me

Period 1
Word Count: 701

The person I chose to do my interview on turned 60 years old on May 4th, 2015. She’s asian has black and gray hair with silver streaks and is 5 foot 1 and 3/4’s. Not only is she the topic of this essay, she is also my role model, my mom, and her name is Karen Nickerson. Growing up I have mostly just heard certain stories at family dinners, and I thought I would know a lot about my mom since I live with her 24/7, but it turns out there is a lot more to her.
I interviewed her in our living room on Saturday, April 18th. Our living room has dark bamboo flooring and tan walls with a brown and black couches. During the interview I asked her some questions about her life before me.
The first question I asked was, "Where did you live when you were growing up?" My Mom grew up in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada before it was a big city. She is a second generation Chinese Canadian who was living in a neighborhood with mostly all white people. In fact most of the people she lived around and went to school with were white, except for China Town. This made it really tough to fit in.
Next I asked where she went to school. She said, “In Burnaby which is 15 miles east of Vancouver, and considered a rural area.” In school, her sister, brother, and her were discriminated against for being asian. She said this was a really hard part in her childhood, but it made her stronger.
My third question for her was, "What the worst thing about her childhood was?" She said that being the only asian kid in a white community until 7th grade was difficult. Another thing she replied with was, “… I also had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which was very debilitating physically and mentally for a 6 year old.” Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis is the most common type of arthritis in kids under 17 years old. It causes swelling and pain in your joints, which can be excruciating. She underwent multiple painful procedures throughout her childhood, and when she was 13 the doctors told her that she would be in a wheel chair by 21. Thankfully they were wrong.

I followed up with that question by asking how these events affected the rest of her life? Her response was, “After I found out I was going to be in a wheelchair by 21, I found out about holistic medicine and became involved in it. I also became a registered nurse.”

My next question was, "What did you do after high school?"  “ I moved to Hawaii to focus on my health. I lived on Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island for 5 years. I also attended community college in between when I returned to Vancouver.” She lived in a treehouse in the middle of the jungle with her friends. That sounds so cool, I wish I could’ve seen the treehouse.
My last questing was what her favorite moment of her life was. Of course she said that it was when I was born, so I asked, What was your second favorite moment in your life? She told me, “When I went traveling for eight months back in the 80’s to China, and visited the villages where my Grandparents grew up. I visited Burma, Thailand, Nepal, and India. While I was traveling I also started an import/export company. It was the best education to travel and experience other cultures and places in the world, it definitely changes you perspective on life in a positive way.”

I had no idea my Mom did so many things with her life before I was born. I had only heard multiple small stories, but I didn’t know that they were a part of stuff that was so much bigger. I’m really glad I did this interview. Through I actually learned my mom had a life before me. But I also learned that my mom is an amazing person that has overcome so many things in her life and become an even more amazing person from it.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hannah Gets Revenge

Today I read Thirteen Reasons Why. When I read it Q was taking the bus around town listening to the tapes and visiting the places on the map. In the tapes Hannah was talking about how she thought this girl named Courtney was her friend, but was really just using her. So Hannah gets mad and gets revenge. Hannah seems really smart to me. Whenever people stab her in the back she always finds a way togged them back in a suddle way, but also in a way that they think about what they did to her for the rest of their life. I wonder who the person is going to be that made Hannah kill herself.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prisoners of Auschwitz

     Today when we read Maus, Artie went for a walk with his dad (Vladek) and they had a conversation a out what happened in Auschwitz. Apparently the Natzis had the Poles keep the jews in charge. And most of the poles were really cruel to the Jews. I thought this was weird because in the beginning a pole helped Vladek get past the Natzis so he could get home.